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June 28, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions about Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is not the same as general dentistry, though it’s rare to find a cosmetic dentist who doesn’t offer both services. While every cosmetic dentist […]
June 22, 2018

Snap On Smiles: The Affordable Alternative to Veneers

Do you long for a bright, perfect-looking smile, but don’t want to shell out a small fortune for porcelain veneers? Many patients would choose veneers in […]
June 15, 2018

Cosmetic Tooth Trends, Past and Present

Since ancient times, people who can afford to devote time and energy improving their appearance have found ways to change their smiles. Trends have come and […]
June 1, 2018

The Health Benefits of Straighter Teeth

If you have a crooked smile, you’ve probably been dreaming of having it corrected for a while now. Most people think adult orthodontics are strictly a […]
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