How Invisalign Has Transformed Smiles Around Atlanta

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December 29, 2018
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How Invisalign Has Transformed Smiles Around Atlanta

Many individuals cannot imagine a world without InvisalignⓇ, the system that uses the force generated by clear plastic aligners to move teeth instead of relying on the force created by traditional brackets and wires. That’s a testament to how powerfully Invisalign has changed the world of cosmetic dentistry. In fact, many patients who choose Dr. Abbey Lee in Atlanta, GA, ask for Invisalign by name when they call for an appointment to discuss the possibility of a straighter smile.

Just how far-reaching has Invisalign been since its invention more than 20 years ago? Read on to discover the many cultural and dental changes it has spurred.

Adults Feel More Comfortable About Straightening Their Teeth

One of the advantages of the Invisalign treatment system is how the clear aligners blend in with the rest of the smile. This makes Invisalign the preferred choice for adults, especially long-time professionals or those starting their professional careers, who want to discreetly straighten their teeth. Before Invisalign, adult cosmetic dentistry patients who could not achieve straighter smiles with the help of alternative treatments such as porcelain veneers could only consider traditional braces. In many cases, that meant they had to forgo their dreams of perfectly positioned teeth.

Invisalign Has Become a Household Name

Although other brands of clear aligner orthodontic treatments have been marketed to dental providers and consumers since Invisalign hit the scene, Invisalign remains the gold standard. People literally ask for Invisalign by name during their appointments with Dr. Lee. One of the reasons for its popularity and familiarity is the Invisalign record of excellence and safe, reliable outcomes.

Patients Brag About Wearing Invisalign

Not only are teens and adults more comfortable working with a cosmetic dentist to enjoy straighter teeth, but they feel at ease telling other people they are using the Invisalign system. Even if they may want to hide their orthodontics treatment in some situations, they usually feel happy to share their positive experiences with others when appropriate. Being an Invisalign patient gives them a sense of pride because they know they are doing something important for their dental health and overall confidence.

Patients Sensitive to the Sensation of Brackets and Wires Can Receive Orthodontics Treatment

Some patients, notably (but not limited to) preteens and teenagers, are quite sensitive to the way that brackets and wires rub against the inside of their lips and cheeks. For them, opting for Invisalign over more traditional braces can allow them to straighten their teeth without discomfort.

Invisalign Promotes Better Hygiene Among Orthodontics Wearers

To be fair, bracketed braces with wires can be tough to navigate when cleaning and flossing. Consequently, many patients with traditional braces find it very difficult to keep their teeth and gums as clean as they want. However, Invisalign the majority of barriers to good oral hygiene. Patients simply remove their clear plastic aligner trays to brush and floss normally, leaving the teeth and gums much healthier than if they were partially covered. Plus, because Invisalign has such a strong focus on regimented hygiene after meals, Invisalign patients who comply with instructions tend to enjoy excellent hygiene reports at their regular six-month dental appointment check-ups.

Invisalign for Patients of All Ages in Atlanta, GA

Have you thought about exploring clear orthodontics to achieve your cosmetic dentistry goals? Call Dr. Lee at (404) 328-7177 to schedule an evaluation for Invisalign. You’ll be one of the next Atlanta patients to join the growing Invisalign treatment alumni family!

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