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August 10, 2018

Fun Facts About Your Saliva

Most of us rarely think about saliva unless a few drops land on us while talking with a friend or we experience a dry mouth and […]
July 27, 2018

Lost a Tooth? Replace it With a Dental Implant

Losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience for anyone. Teeth are lost to accidents every day, but a more common cause is infection and structural […]
July 20, 2018

What Life is Like with Orthodontic Treatments

Many patients would love to undertake a course of orthodontic treatments but fear the unknown. Will it hurt? Will I look funny? How will my daily […]
July 13, 2018

Five Beverage Hacks to Protect Your Teeth

Taking good care of your teeth and gums is fairly straightforward. Practice good daily oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day with a fluoride […]
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