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October 29, 2021

General Dentist vs. Prosthodontist for a Dental Bridge

Dental bridges can replace one or more missing teeth if they have been lost due to tooth decay, gum disease, trauma, or more. If you require […]
October 22, 2021

How Dentists Can Provide a Quick Smile Makeover

When people have an important social event around the corner, the chances are that they want a quick, effective solution to improve their smiles. Cosmetic dentists […]
October 15, 2021

What causes dental fear and anxiety?

Dental fear and anxiety can make a simple trip to the dentist’s office a nightmare. Researchers estimate that dental anxiety affects 36% of the population, with […]
October 8, 2021

Teeth Whitening: How long does it last?

Most people can’t take their eyes off of a white, Hollywood smile. However, most people also need extra help achieving a captivating smile. From whitening toothpaste […]
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