5 Reasons to Appreciate Root Canal Treatment

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April 29, 2022
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5 Reasons to Appreciate Root Canal Treatment

If you have an infected root canal, restorative dentists perform root canal treatments to eliminate bacteria, prevent reinfection, and avoid extraction. This year, National Root Canal Appreciation Day falls on May 11th. Because there are so many misconceptions and negative connotations about root canal treatments, you might be wondering, “how could someone appreciate a root canal?” So, take a moment to learn five reasons why root canals really are worth celebrating:

1.     Preserves the Natural Tooth

When it comes to a severely infected tooth, your dentist usually has two choices: root canal therapy or dental extraction. Compared to a dental extraction, root canal treatment is conservative and allows patients to salvage most of their natural tooth structure.

During this procedure, the dentist focuses on removing infected, inflamed pulp—which is the center of the tooth that contains connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. Since the tooth root stays intact after a root canal procedure, patients don’t have to be concerned about bone loss and can keep a good amount of natural tooth structure. In the long run, this means that patients can maintain their facial structure and smile.

2.     Prevents Spaces in the Mouth

After a tooth is pulled, patients must worry about spaces in their smiles. A missing tooth is more than an aesthetic issue. When a tooth is missing, the remaining teeth tend to shift to fill in the spaces, causing misalignment. Alternatively, root canal treatments keep the teeth in place, so patients shouldn’t be concerned about alignment problems.

3.     Superior Aesthetics

After your dentist performs the root canal treatment, he or she caps the previously infected tooth with a crown to add strength to the tooth. While there are many materials to choose from, porcelain and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns mimic the appearance of natural teeth. So, it will be difficult to tell the difference between your natural teeth and restorations if you choose ceramic materials.

4.     Stops the Spread of Infection

If you’ve ever had a severely infected tooth, you understand the toothaches that can accompany it. Sometimes, these toothaches can be pretty painful and debilitating. One of the critical steps in a root canal is removing the infected, inflamed pulp. Then, treat the area with antibiotics (if necessary). Once the infected cells are cleaned out, you can say “goodbye” to those pesky toothaches. After canal therapy, the toothache should disappear along with signs of infection.

5.     Comfortable Procedure

Some people associate the term “root canal” with “uncomfortable.” However, the idea of discomfort usually stems from the infected, inflamed dental pulp that necessitates a root canal.

Thanks to modern anesthesia, root canal treatments themselves are regarded as comfortable and virtually painless. Furthermore, patients who undergo root canals are six times more likely to depict it as “painless” than patients who have a tooth pulled.

Do you need root canal treatment in Atlanta, GA?

If you’re suffering from severe toothache, persistent sensitivity, or infection, you might have infected dental pulp and could benefit from root canal treatment. Dr. Abbey J. Lee wants to save your smile before it’s too late! At her Atlanta clinic, Dr. Lee offers comfortable, beautiful, and long-lasting solutions to severe dental decay or trauma. Book an appointment with Dr. Lee by calling 404-328-7177 or messaging us online right now.

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