White Fillings Can Boost Your Confidence and Smile

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November 23, 2018
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December 7, 2018
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White Fillings Can Boost Your Confidence and Smile

White Fillings Can Boost Your Confidence and Smile

Could having a brighter, consistent smile change the way you feel about yourself? You might be surprised to learn just how much of an emotional, psychological, and social change a whiter smile can foster. If you have silver amalgam fillings, consider replacing them with tooth-colored white fillings to help increase your self-esteem.  Make an appointment with Dr. Abbey Lee in Atlanta, GA, by calling the Smiles 4 Grant Park at (404) 328-7177.

Practical and Cosmetic Reasons for White Fillings

For many generations, only metal-based amalgam fillings made of silver, copper, and related materials were used to support and protect teeth after a decayed or damaged area was cleaned and prepared. Although these types of fillings are still used today, they are not the only solutions for children and adults. White fillings have become an attractive, reliable alternative for patients who want immediate, long-lasting restorative dental care.

What are some of the benefits to choosing white fillings over traditional amalgam restorations? Here are a few notable advantages:

  • White fillings create a tighter bond with the teeth than metal fillings do. The composite resin material used to create tooth-colored fillings adheres to the tooth with the help of a curing agent and light. This bond is stronger than the bond formed with silver amalgam fillings.
  • White fillings are crafted to look like natural teeth. Lee uses her years of experience and an artistic touch to place, bond, and polish white fillings. She chooses the color most suited for the patient’s mouth to ensure that the filling blends in perfectly with the surrounding teeth. After the treatment, the tooth is indistinguishable from its neighbors.
  • White fillings do not leave a metallic taste. Some patients comment on the way their silver amalgam fillings taste or make favorite foods taste. White fillings have no flavor and cause no metallic reactions. They are also preferred by people with a known or suspected metal allergy.
  • White fillings do not cause teeth to crack. Amalgam fillings expand and contract with temperature changes. This can lead to pressure on the tooth, which can end in fissures and cracks, not to mention additional decay. Many people who have had silver amalgam fillings for years opt to replace their old restorations with tooth-colored ones to avoid this complication.

Choosing Between White Fillings and Metal Fillings

Are you having difficulty deciding between white fillings and metal fillings? If you already have metal fillings in your molars at the back of your mouth, you may choose to keep them in place unless they have come loose. However, if a tooth that shows when you smile is more than 50 percent repairable, white fillings may be a better cosmetic choice.

If you are concerned about paying for white fillings instead of metal fillings, discuss your concerns with Dr. Lee. She and her team will help you understand your choices when it comes to financing composite fillings as a patient at Smiles 4 Grant Park.

Love Your New, Whiter Smile

Have a chip, crack, or area of decay in one or more of your teeth? Call our Atlanta, GA, office, at (404) 328-7177. As a team, you and Dr. Lee can decide if white fillings will be the best treatment solution to give you the look, function, and appearance you desire.

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