Terrific Tips for Adults Who Choose Orthodontics

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November 30, 2018
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Terrific Tips for Adults Who Choose Orthodontics

Generations ago,people ages 18 and up who had crooked teeth, tooth crowding, tooth gaps, and misaligned bites often felt like they had to “grin and bear it.” After all, they did not want to risk their reputations by straightening their smiles with metal braces–that was for teens! Fortunately, times have changed. Adults today can get the cosmetic dentistry benefit of orthodontics without worry of what anyone will think. Wanting information on best practices in orthodontics in advance of your exam and consultation with Dr. Abbey Lee in Atlanta, GA, at Smiles 4 Grant Park? Learn more by reading the following five tips.

Tip #1: Ask about all the options for orthodontics in Atlanta, GA.

You may have heard of treatment systems such as InvisalignⓇ, which uses clear aligner trays to move teeth into healthier, straighter positions. However, you may not have heard about Six Month SmilesⓇ, a solution that relies on clear brackets and wires to rapidly deliver results.

When you come to our practice, Dr. Lee will complete her work-up, and then make recommendations for the right orthodontics based on your situation and needs. Advancements in the field of orthodontics are being made all the time. The easiest way to find out what is right for you is with the help of a professional.

Tip #2: Remember that orthodontics are temporary treatments with long-term results.

Although you may not enjoy the idea of having orthodontics treatment for six months, nine months, or even a year or two, remind yourself that the process is quite temporary. In fact, the time may fly by as you notice your smile improving week after week. After your teeth have shifted into their desired positions, you can expect them to stay that way as long as you continue to wear your retainer and visit Dr. Lee for regular check-ups.

Tip #3: You may notice your InvisalignⓇ, but most people will not.

Concerned that everyone in your workplace will know that you are wearing Invisalign clear aligner trays? Relax: They are actually very discreet and inconspicuous. Although you may be a little self-conscious at first, remember that no one else can tell they are in your mouth. Even as you move closer to a brilliant dream smile, very few people will guess that you are moving your teeth with the help of advanced orthodontics!

Tip #4: Plan to prioritize all your follow-up visits to Dr. Lee.

Life can get busy sometimes, and that is understandable. Yet you cannot allow a hectic schedule to keep you from going to your routine orthodontics follow-up appointments.Each appointment is necessary to ensure that your treatment is working as expected, and to make adjustments if necessary. Of course, if you do have to reschedule a check-up, please contact our office as soon as possible so we can get you the follow-up you need.

Tip #5: Stay on top of your oral hygiene routines.

Before you had Six Month Smiles or Invisalign, you might have gone to bed without brushing and flossing. Now that you have orthodontics, you must focus on keeping your teeth and gums a top priority. Make a pact with yourself that you will keep a better schedule of cleaning to avoid problems such as tooth decay during your orthodontics treatment. Your smile and health will benefit from your diligence!

Put the Power of Orthodontics on Your Side

CEOs, vice presidents, and entrepreneurs have all discovered that they are never too old for straighter smiles. It is your turn! Contact Dr. Lee in Atlanta, GA, office, at (404) 328-7177, to chat about orthodontics.

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