4 Methods to Develop a Stronger Periodontal Care Routine

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November 16, 2018
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4 Methods to Develop a Stronger Periodontal Care Routine

You brush your teeth twice every day using a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, just as the dentist suggested. Isn’t that enough to keep your smile healthy? Although it is a great start, you could be doing more in terms of periodontal care.

Smiles 4 Grant Park dentist Dr. Abbey Lee and her team regularly help patients who could use an airtight periodontal routine. If you are just covering the basics with your oral health, make a few additions to your already solid habits.

1. Floss between your teeth every day.

Do you floss, but only right before you come to the dentist for your cleanings? If you are not buying and using dental floss regularly, you should aim to floss once per day.

Flossing may feel strange at first, but it is a quick way to get your mouth cleaner. Plus, it gives you the chance to remove particles of food from between your teeth. Less build-up means less plaque and tartar, two substances that can lead to gum disease.

Feel uncomfortable flossing because your gums bleed every time? Be less aggressive and take your time when flossing. A little bleeding is normal when you first start flossing, but within a week or two, your gums should become accustomed to the flossing motion.

2. Fuel your body with mouth-friendly snacks.

Everyone has had a mid-morning or late night snack attack. The foods you choose from your pantry or fridge could make all the difference to your periodontal health outcomes.

For instance, snacking on raw vegetables helps your teeth and gums stay cleaner between brushing and flossing. Have you ever noticed that celery is stringy? All those strings act like natural dental floss to get rid of food particles from your mouth.

Instead of hitting up the vending machine when two o’clock rolls around, bring periodontal-friendly treats such as baby carrots, broccoli, apples, cauliflower, and cut-up peppers with you for work or traveling. Not only will those foods be kinder to your mouth than sugary choices, but they will boost your daily supply of vitamins, calcium, and fiber.

3. Switch your hot beverage of choice to green tea.

Coffee your current on-the-go hot drink? Introduce your taste buds to green tea.

Green tea contains flavonoids, which offer both anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. It is also heavy in vitamin C. As you sip your green tea, you will constantly wash your mouth in a substance that inhibits mouth bacteria growth.

You may notice after becoming a regular consumer of green tea that your periodontal areas feel and look better, but your teeth are beginning to stain a bit. This is a normal outcome of drinking tea. Talk to Dr. Lee at your next appointment about teeth whitening at home using professional products. That way, you can keep drinking green tea and have a gleaming smile at the same time!

4. Stay on top of periodontal changes.

A final way to make periodontal healthcare a high priority is to stay ahead of any periodontal problems. Notice that your gums are a bit redder than usual? Do they seem to be puffy or tender? Make a call to Dr. Lee’s Atlanta, GA, office, Smiles 4 Grant Park. She may recommend that you come in immediately depending upon your symptoms. Alternatively, she might suggest at-home care to see if the situation gets better.

Keeping a watchful eye on the state of your gums helps you stay one step ahead of early periodontal disease, called gingivitis. When caught in its first stages, periodontal disease can be reversed through deep cleanings and other procedures.

Treat your gums with care, and you can get the benefits of a better, stronger smile for a lifetime. Pick up some waxed dental floss and a small veggie tray today to get started! Your gums and your dentist will appreciate your diligence.

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