Most Common Myths About Dentures

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April 6, 2018
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Most Common Myths About Dentures

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When you think about dentures, you may immediately remember the trauma of seeing Aunt Sally’s teeth come loose one Thanksgiving when you were younger. You probably even have the myth George Washington’s wooden teeth pop up in the back of your mind every time they are mentioned. (Not true: they weren’t made of wood!)

There is a lot of outdated misinformation in the common perception of dentures today. Many people don’t realize that dentures and implant-supported dentures can be a healthy and comfortable solution to severe oral health conditions.

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Myth 1: Dentures are only for old people.

Okay, yes, the majority of denture wearers are of a certain age. But you might be surprised by how many “young” people choose to get dentures. When gum disease, tooth decay, and long-term oral conditions become a serious damper on your time, confidence, and sense of peace—dentures can help you put all your troubles behind you.

Myth 2: Dentures are awkward and slip out of place all the time.

While traditional removable dentures can cause stability problems if they don’t fit well—many patients today opt for implant-based dentures, which stay in place. Unlike the type of denture you learned about with George Washington, implant dentures are firmly attached to the jaw, just like natural teeth. They only snap out of place when you choose to take them out for cleaning.

Myth 3: Dentures look artificial.

Today’s prosthetic teeth are customized to replace your natural teeth in function and form. Advances in fabrication materials mean dentures look as real as your natural smile. Lifelike soft plastics can mimic the density and appearance of the gum tissue, while harder plastics look and feel like tooth enamel. They are made to look unique and complement the size and shape of your mouth as naturally as the teeth you were born with. Chances are good you’ve seen plenty of denture-enhanced smiles in recent years, but had no idea you weren’t looking at the person’s original teeth at the time.

Myth 4: Dentures are bad for your oral health.

It is true that dentures can create friction and sensitivity to the gum tissue when they don’t fit properly, but well-fitting dentures are comfortable and cause little to no discomfort or soreness.

Beyond that, implant-dentures actually help you preserve the health of your jaw and facial structure after you’ve lost teeth. When teeth are missing, the body stops sending the minerals needed to preserve the jaw bone. Implant dentures simulate natural tooth roots and ensure that as time passes you won’t get that “shrunken chin” look you see in long-time denture wearers.

Never-Ending Tooth Problems? You May Want to Consider Dentures

If you or someone you love is plagued by on-going oral health problems, dentures may be a comfortable and attractive solution. Implant dentures are a wonderful choice; when properly placed and cared for they almost never need to be replaced. Traditional, removable dentures may not be as comfortable or permanent, but they too can be a beautiful and lifelike replacement for your natural smile.

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