How Dentists Can Provide a Quick Smile Makeover

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October 15, 2021
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How Dentists Can Provide a Quick Smile Makeover

When people have an important social event around the corner, the chances are that they want a quick, effective solution to improve their smiles. Cosmetic dentists offer proven solutions that can enhance the appearance of teeth for events such as upcoming job interviews, class reunions, and weddings. If you want straighter or whiter teeth in one or two appointments, here are four smile makeover treatment options: 

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Did you know that individuals with white teeth are perceived as more attractive, confident, and trustworthy? Studies published by Proctor and Gamble suggest that whiter teeth can lead to tremendous success in work and romance. 

Chairside whitening is the fastest way to transform your smile. Cosmetic dentists can lift surface-level staining and brighten teeth up to five to ten shades lighter. In-office whitening is a long-lasting solution that can be maintained with take-home whitening trays or whitening toothpaste.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are composite or porcelain shells that are color-matched to the patient’s enamel. Dentists bond wafer-thin veneers to the front of the teeth to instantly cover the appearance of:

  • Gaps between teeth
  • Permanent, deep discoloration
  • Smaller or asymmetrical teeth

Traditional veneers must be applied over multiple visits:

  1. During the initial visit, the dentist must prepare the teeth and take impressions. Dentists gently etch a minuscule amount of enamel from the sides and front of the teeth to (1) make more room in the mouth so that the new veneers won’t protrude and (2) strengthen the bond between the tooth and veneer. Impressions are made and sent to a dental lab so that lab technicians can produce one-of-a-kind veneers.
  2. At the second appointment, the dentist fits the veneers and adjusts them (if needed). Afterward, the dentist permanently bonds the veers to the teeth.


Lumineers are a specific brand name of veneers that require no preparation. They are constructed of an ultra-thin laminate, which is simpler to place on the teeth. Even though it boils down to personal preference, some people choose Lumineers over veneers because:

  • No enamel removal is required
  • The application process is faster

Both traditional veneers and Lumineers are great options for correcting common dental flaws. Furthermore, they do not stain easily and can potentially last for decades.

Dental Bonding

Many patients turn to dental bonding as a more affordable choice than veneers. Dental bonding involves applying and bonding an enamel-colored composite resin to add volume to the natural dental structure. Dentists use composite bonding in a single visit to:

  • Even out the appearance of intrinsic staining
  • Repair minor chips and cracks
  • Fill in gaps and cavities

Snap-On Smile®

Snap-On Smile is a removable, multi-purpose dental arch that secures the teeth. This appliance requires no tooth preparation, is non-invasive, and is entirely functional. A Snap-on Smile can be a cosmetic alternative to partial dentures and dental implants for people with missing teeth. Additionally, dentists suggest Snap-on Smile appliances to correct undesired smile aesthetics, including:

  • Stained teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Spacing between teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Small or misshapen teeth

Typically, dentists can create a Snap-On Smile within two dental visits to:

  1. Create Molds of the teeth (so that they can be sent to a laboratory for fabrication).
  2. Ensure that your customized dental arch fits seamlessly.

Receive a Smile Makeover in Record Time

Dr. Abbey J. Lee performs quick smile makeover procedures so that patients can safely enjoy an aesthetically pleasing smile without damaging the function of their teeth. Schedule a smile makeover consultation in Atlanta, GA, by calling 404-328-7177 or booking an appointment online today.

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