Everything You Should Know About Professional Teeth Whitening

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September 25, 2020
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Everything You Should Know About Professional Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic dental treatments have become increasingly popular over the past decade. Dentists can now completely makeover a person’s smile through multiple treatments or significantly improve smiles through one simple treatment, such as professional teeth whitening.

You may be wondering why one would pay for a teeth whitening procedure when they could do it home. Although that is true, the advantages of professional whitening are vast. For example, dental patients can achieve a smile that’s up to eight shades brighter in just one hour. That alone is worth the cost!

In this blog, we’ll explain how professional teeth whitening works and more benefits of choosing this option.

Chairside Teeth Whitening

If you want to sit back and relax while your teeth are getting a facelift, chairside whitening is the right option for you. Chairside teeth whitening is also the fastest and most effective option.

During your appointment, the dentist will clean your teeth, then carefully apply a whitening gel that sits on your teeth. One of the greatest benefits of chairside whitening is having a dental professional complete the process. Dentists know exactly how much whitening gel to apply and how long to leave it on to achieve your desired results. Additionally, they apply the gel carefully and use protective measures to keep the soft tissues of your mouth safe.

Once complete, the previously stained, yellow teeth, are now dazzling white!

Take-Home Whitening

For patients who don’t need immediate results, and want to save a few bucks, take-home whitening trays are a safe and effective option. Impressions are taken so that customized whitening trays can be created. Once prepared, the patient takes the tray and whitening gel home to be used overnight or at least 30 minutes a day.

Patients typically experience dramatic results in one to two weeks. We love that this option is more affordable and just as effective as chairside whitening treatment when used properly.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Over-the-counter whitening systems may work for some people, but certainly not for most. That’s because they don’t have professional-grade ingredients and aren’t professionally applied. When a person doesn’t follow the instructions on store-bought products, their teeth are at a much higher risk of being damaged and they will most likely be disappointed by the results (if they notice any at all). These products require patients to be extremely disciplined and take up a significant amount of time in the morning or evening. With professional teeth whitening, all of these can be avoided.

In addition to that HUGE advantage, professional teeth whitening offers these benefits:

  • Boosted self-confidence
  • Happier mood
  • Stress-free, easy treatment
  • Fast and effective results
  • Younger-looking appearance
  • Long-lasting results
  • Customized treatments
  • Appearing more successful
  • Appearing to be smarter

The list could go on and on! Don’t wait any longer to experience these benefits.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Grant Park

Not all dentists can create a picture-perfect smile. After completing dental school, dentists must continue to educate themselves on new practices and skills. Those include restorative dentistry techniques like dental implants, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Abbey Lee at Smiles for Grant Park has dedicated much of her time and effort to becoming a skilled cosmetic dentist. It has certainly paid off!

If you’re searching for a teeth whitening dentist in Grant Park, look no further! Contact our friendly team today at 404-328-7177 to schedule an initial consultation.

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