6 Reasons to Consider Six Month Smiles®

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September 11, 2020
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September 25, 2020
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6 Reasons to Consider Six Month Smiles®

As social media, cameras, and other types of technology have evolved, the desire to have a picture-perfect smile has grown among people of all ages. At one point in time, braces were almost exclusively for preteens and teenagers. Now, any person of any age can experience the incredible benefits of orthodontics without the bulky, colorful brackets and long treatment time.

Six Month Smiles promises a beautiful smile in as little as six months—that’s faster than traditional braces and Invisalign® clear aligners! This short treatment time is obviously one of the greatest benefits of choosing Six Month Smiles over other orthodontic options.

Check out this blog to learn more about the benefits of Six Month Smiles!

1.    Fewer office visits

Naturally, since the treatment process for Six Month Smiles is significantly shorter than traditional braces, patients visit the dentist less. This orthodontic solution is designed to work quickly and effectively without regular intervention, like tightening and adjustment appointments, from your dentist. Depending on their smile, a patient may only require three adjustments over the six-month period.

2.    Discreet brackets and wires

Brackets and wires of old were chunky and unappealing. We can assume the nickname “brace face” took off because the braces seemed to take over the patient’s entire appearance. Yikes!

Six Month Smile braces are created to match natural teeth so they blend in more with the patient’s smile. Patients feel much more confident and comfortable with their appearance than they would with other orthodontic options.

3.    Comfort

There is always some discomfort associated with orthodontics because the teeth are moving. However, with traditional braces, patients often complain about the brackets and wires cutting and rubbing against their cheeks and gums.

The creators of Six Month Smiles utilized lightweight materials that significantly reduce discomfort.

4.    Long-lasting results

When combined with the latest digital technology and expert dental professionals, Six Month Smiles provides beautiful, long-lasting results—just like traditional orthodontics. When patients care for their smiles properly after treatment, they can expect to maintain a beautiful smile for the rest of their lives.

5.    Improved self-confidence

If your smile is keeping you from feeling good about yourself, its time to change it! We all know that a smile is one of the first things a person notices about another person. For some people, that statement may cause anxiety. If that’s you, Six Month Smiles could be the key to a more confident and happy life.

6.    Better quality of life

Self-confidence certainly plays a role in the quality of a person’s life. Insecurities keep us from going on dates, speaking up for ourselves, and achieving career goals. Could a better smile be the stepping stone to your next career move or Mr./Mrs. Right?

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a beautiful smile definitely impacts every area of a person’s life. In fact, people with good teeth are often perceived as smarter, more successful, happier, and more attractive.

Learn More About Six Month Smiles

This innovative orthodontic technology aims to help patients with crooked, gapped, and crowded smiles achieve their picture-perfect smile quickly, discreetly, and effectively.

At Smiles 4 Grant Park, Dr. Abbey J. Lee desires to see her patients feel confident about the health and appearance of their smiles. Her gentle and skillful approach guarantees that outcome. Contact our friendly dental team today at (404) 328-7177 to schedule your initial consultation.

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