Commonly Asked Questions About Six Month Smiles®

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April 10, 2020
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Commonly Asked Questions About Six Month Smiles®

Are you looking for a faster, more affordable way to improve your imperfect smile? Does the thought of having traditional braces make you cringe? Does the price tag on veneers have you shaking your head? The treatment time for Invisalign® not accommodate your time frame? Well, we’ve got another option for you! Six Month Smiles® are the perfect option for patients seeking to improve the appearance of their smile in an efficient way.

In this blog, our cosmetic dentist answers the most common questions about Six Month Smiles so you can make the best decision for you!

1.    Do the braces really work in six months?

In many cases, the treatment does work in six months! However, this is the average treatment time. Some patients achieve their desired results in as little as four months while others take as long as nine.

This orthodontic treatment focuses more on the aesthetics of the teeth than realigning them. Here’s how the treatment process begins:

When you visit with a Six Month Smile Provider, he or she will determine your candidacy and create a personalized treatment plan and take impressions of your current smile. Once the treatment plan is determined, you should know approximately how long you will wear the braces.

When the braces arrive at your dentist’s office, she will gently attach them to your teeth.

2.    Who is a candidate for Six Month Smiles®?

To determine candidacy, Dr. Lee, our Six Month Smile Provider, evaluates the patient’s teeth, gums, and jawbone. The patient must be in good oral health and have only minor dental misalignment. This includes gaps, overcrowding, and crooked teeth.

Dr. Lee also recommends patients to be at least 15 years old with fully developed primary teeth.

3.    What is the treatment process like?

The Six Month Smiles treatment process is quick and simple! Once your dentist places the braces, patients need to visit the dental office once a month for adjustments and evaluations. The dentist will ensure your comfort and confirm that your teeth are responding well to the treatments.

4.    How much does Six Month Smile treatment cost?

Many times, the cost of this treatment is less than traditional braces. The cost typically varies between $3,500 and $5,000 but could be more or less expensive depending on your specific circumstances.

To help budget and manage your treatment cost, ask your insurance provider if they will cover a portion of the treatment and ask your dentist about payment plans. Additionally, your dentist may accept CareCredit®, an interest-free credit card made specifically for medical and dental treatments.

5.    Which dentist should I go to for my Six Month Smiles® treatment?

Not every dentist offers Six Month Smiles treatment to patients. Check your dentist’s services page to view their cosmetic dental treatments to learn what services she provides. But remember, even if the dentist does provide the treatment, it doesn’t mean he or she is the best choice.

When you select a dentist like Dr. Abbey J. Lee, you choose to receive the safest, most effective treatment for your smile. Dr. Lee has over twenty years of experience providing accurate and satisfying smile makeover results to her patients.

To learn more about this treatment and our experienced dentist, contact our Grant Park office today at (404) 328-7177.

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