Dentist answers: What is the best teeth whitening product?

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Dentist answers: What is the best teeth whitening product?

Need to get your smile ready for an upcoming wedding or class reunion? Want to boost your confidence without breaking the bank? Teeth whitening is an affordable and effective solution! Whitening strips, gels, pens, and toothpastes are available in nearly every drug store, and most dentists offer in-office whitening or take-home professional whitening trays.

So which option is best for you? In this blog, our dentist, Dr. Abbey Lee will discuss the pros and cons of the most popular teeth whitening solutions so you can make the best decision for your smile.

Whitening Toothpastes

Most whitening toothpastes use baking soda or peroxide as the main bleaching agent. Peroxide seems to be more effective in lifting both surface stains and deeper stains. Although these are the most affordable tooth whitening option, most people see little to no results.

Whitening toothpastes seem to be more effective in maintaining a bright smile for those who have recently had their teeth professionally whitened.

If you are interested in trying a whitening toothpaste, ask your dentist for recommendations or look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

Whitening Strips

Over-the-counter whitening strips are one of the most popular teeth whitening options. Many of these products are made of the same ingredients as professional whitening treatments but at lower concentrations.

Whitening strips are designed to be worn for a certain amount of time per day for at least two weeks. Most people will experience results, but it takes lots of patience and dedication. Wearing the strips for too long or too often may also cause dental sensitivity.

Whitening Pens

Whitening pens are one of the most recent additions to the teeth whitening game. Many people experience results in a matter of days while others don’t experience results at all.

Like most other whitening products, the pens can damage the enamel on teeth and irritate the gums when they aren’t properly used.  

Take-Home Whitening Trays

Many dentists offer professional whitening treatments that patients can take home. The dentist takes an impression of the patient’s teeth and creates a custom whitening tray. Once the tray is made, he provides the patient with professional concentrations of whitening gel and instructs him or her how to properly use the product at home.

Take-home whitening trays are much more cost-effective and safer than other at-home whitening options. Patients typically see significant results in about 10 days.

Professional Teeth Whitening

When it comes to teeth whitening, the phrase “you get what you pay for” is true. Professional, in-office teeth whitening costs the most, but it is the only option that provides immediate, noticeable results.

Teeth whitening appointments typically take between 45 and 90 minutes. Once complete, patients leave with a smile that’s up to nine shades brighter.

Although patients may experience more sensitivity over the next couple of days, in-office teeth whitening is much safer than other whitening options. Dentists use a protective gel to cover the gums and other sensitive parts of the patient’s mouth before applying the whitening gel. Additionally, your dentist will know exactly how much gel to use on your teeth to reduce the amount of dental sensitivity you experience.

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There are so many benefits of professional teeth whitening—including a huge self-confidence boost! To learn more about professional whitening or how our Grant Park dentist can improve your smile, call 404-328-7177 today.

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