Dental Implant vs Root Canal: Which is Right for Me?

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September 6, 2019
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Dental Implant vs Root Canal: Which is Right for Me?

If you have a tooth that’s in poor condition, you may be faced with the option to get a root canal or have the tooth replaced with a dental implant. You’ll need to weigh certain factors such as cost, durability, and length of the procedure when deciding. At Smiles 4 Grant Park, our dentist Dr. Abbey J. Lee will help you evaluate each choice to determine which is right for you. Here are the pros and cons of implants vs root canals:

Dental Implants

Dental implants have become one of our best options for replacing one or more teeth, but like all good things, they don’t come without their drawbacks.

Advantages of Dental Implants

  1. Appearance: Dental implants match the color and texture of your natural teeth to restore your beautiful smile. 
  2. Bone health: Bone loss in your jaw is much less likely because the implant replaces the root of your tooth. If no implant was there to replace the missing tooth, your jawbone would begin to deteriorate and cause other dental and cosmetic issues.
  3. Durability: If you’re looking for a long-term solution, this is your best bet. These implants fuse to your jawbone, so as long as you take care of them, they should last between 15 and 25 years.

Something that most people don’t know is that the support of the implant actually helps strengthen the neighboring teeth as well—this is a huge benefit.

Disadvantages of Dental Implants

  1. Length of healing time: Once the implants have been placed, your mouth will need about six months to heal.
  2. Additional procedures: Patients who don’t have enough bone to support the implant may need a bone graft. Sinus problems and other issues could require additional treatment as well. Not only will this make the process even longer, it will be more expensive as well.
  3. Cost: Even without the additional procedures, the cost of implants will be more expensive than a root canal. However, the longevity of this option certainly makes it worth it.

Root Canal

A root canal is a common, safe, and effective procedure. Unlike dental implants, a root canal doesn’t replace your tooth – it saves your tooth and restores its function.

Advantages of Root Canals

  1. Saves time: Most of the time, a root canal is completed in one appointment and only takes a couple of days to heal. Dr. Lee may split up your appointments to give your mouth time to heal if you need multiple root canals.
  2. Saves money: There are a few factors that determine the price of your root canal, but it is the cheaper option of the two even without insurance.

Disadvantages of Root Canals

A huge disadvantage of a root canal is that your tooth will be more fragile. When the tooth is “saved,” it isn’t brought back to life; it’s left in its current state. So, although the tooth is functioning, it is still not as strong as it used to be. This means your tooth may require more dental treatment down the road.

Visit Your Grant Park Dentist Today

As with any decision, the choice between a dental implant and a root canal requires you to weigh the risks and rewards. Neither choice is a bad one, but if you need help deciding which is best for you, Dr. Lee and her friendly team are here to help. We can assess the health of your tooth and gums to decide which option would be the most beneficial for you.

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