Tips for a Comfortable Invisalign Experience

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May 27, 2019
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Tips for a Comfortable Invisalign Experience

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Congratulations on receiving your first Invisalign aligner tray at our Grant Park office. You are now on your way to a more attractive smile! Dr. Abbey Lee will be available to answer questions along the way. One benefit of Invisalign treatments is that the trays are more comfortable than traditional metal braces. To ensure that your treatments are as comfortable as possible, we have a list of simple tips you can follow throughout your Invisalign treatment timeline.

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Discover simple tips for adjusting to Invisalign:

Tips on How to Minimize Discomfort Throughout Your Treatment

Stick to the 20-22 hour compliance rule

Invisalign trays move teeth into proper alignment through micromovements. Each successive trays is slightly straighter than the last tray. The trays can only work while they are in contact with your teeth. That’s one reason why Invisalign requires that the clear aligners are worn for a minimum of 20 hours per day. Patients are welcome to remove the trays while eating or taking photos.

If the trays are not worn for the requisite time, your teeth may slightly revert to their original positions. You may notice this through discomfort when you try to put the trays back in after several hours of non-use. If the 20-22 hour compliance rule is not followed, you risk delaying your treatment timeline. Patients should not see the compliance requirement as optional.

Let Dr. Lee know if you are experiencing side effects

Dr. Lee can only help you if she is notified of any side effects you are experiencing. Mild levels of discomfort, especially immediately after placing a tray, are to be expected. Persistent discomfort that lasts for several days may need to be addressed through simple remedies or through a visit to our office. Patients should never tamper with the trays directly. If the edges of your aligners are rubbing against your gums, Dr. Lee can adjust them as needed.

Clean your trays often

To prevent decay while maintaining good oral hygiene, it is important to clean your trays twice a day. A toothbrush and water are sufficient. Using toothpaste can leave a white film on your trays. By keeping your trays free of food debris and buildup, you will allow your aligners to work more efficiently.

Place trays before going to sleep

One trick that can drastically cut down on Invisalign discomfort is placing new trays before going to sleep. This simple step will allow you to sleep through the period that many patients report pressure against their teeth. Each new tray will push against certain teeth in a predetermined manner. This pressure can sometimes result in soreness and even mild levels of discomfort. Most patients report that the discomfort subsides after a day or two as the targeted teeth move into better alignment.

Avoid certain foods if your teeth are sensitive

In the hours after placing a new tray, your teeth may be more sensitive than normal. As individual teeth shift into better alignment, new bone is created in the space vacated by a moving tooth. During this period of sensitivity, you may wish to avoid foods that are hard or crunchy.

Revolutionary treatments close to home

If you are looking for a straighter smile in Grant Park, Dr. Lee offers orthodontic solutions like Six Month Smiles® and Invisalign. Dr. Lee and our team look forward to finding an orthodontic solution that works with your lifestyle. To learn more and to begin your orthodontic treatment, contact Smiles 4 Grant Park today!

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