May 27, 2019

What are dental bridges?

Oral health in America has improved a lot over the years, as health education and dentistry services have reached more and more people in the Grant […]
May 17, 2019

How Invisalign® Revolutionized Orthodontics

For decades, traditional metal braces were patients only option for aligning teeth. Then, in the early 2000s, Stanford graduate students developed a new approach – one […]
May 10, 2019

What to Expect with Dental Crown Treatment

Ouch! Tooth pain when you bite or chew could be a sign that your natural crown is damaged. Whether from tooth decay like a large cavity, […]
May 3, 2019

Pop Quiz! Are You Brushing Correctly?

Brushing your teeth is your first line of defense against cavities and gum disease (along with a healthy diet and daily flossing!). Preventive care is crucial […]
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