Is Invisalign® a good choice for your teenager?

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April 12, 2019
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Is Invisalign® a good choice for your teenager?

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When it comes to parenting teenagers, there’s a lot of questions you may ask yourself: are they focusing on homework and school projects? Are they eating healthy foods? Are they happy? Are they prepared for college or the world after high school? Helping your teen build a strong foundation of good oral health can help them so much as they start their adult life. A straighter, more beautiful smile can give your child the confidence they need to speak up in social settings and smile more freely. A straighter, aligned smile can also promote a healthier mouth in the future. Dr. Abbey Lee is pleased to offer Invisalign® as a modern solution for traditional orthodontics for Atlanta patients. This treatment is very popular with teenagers and adults for its discreet appearance and fast treatment times. Below, find out if Invisalign® could be right for your teenager, and what benefits Invisalign® offers you and your child.

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Is Invisalign® effective for teenagers?

While there is no “minimum” age for Invisalign treatment, we recommend that patients have the majority of their permanent teeth, and are responsible enough to wear their aligners diligently for 22 hours a day. Therefore, honest discussions with Dr. Lee and your teenager can help determine whether or not Invisalign will be effective.

Invisalign does offer some unique benefits for teenage patients. Teenagers typically are still experiencing tooth growth and movement. Invisalign’s patented technology is designed to work with new teeth as they grow in, and can help shift smiles into place that are still developing. In addition, Invisalign® aligners can shift tooth roots, in addition to the visible teeth, in order to permanently correct misalignment.

Is your child a good candidate?

Since Invisalign® treatment is removable, teenagers must be serious about achieving a straighter smile. Aligners not only require diligent wear, but also must be safe-guarded in a case when not in use.  Many of our teenage patients are busy with school, after-school clubs, extracurriculars, and social life. Clear expectations from the beginning can help teens have better treatment success. In addition, routine check-ups throughout treatment will allow Dr. Lee to determine if the aligners are being worn enough to correctly straighten teeth.

In addition, Invisalign® is well-known for being able to correct a range of teeth alignment problems, but some issues are more easily corrected than others. In general, Invisalign® can correct:

  • Crowded Teeth
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Open Bites
  • Crossbites
  • Unevenly Spaced Teeth
  • Crooked Teeth

Dr. Lee will perform a thorough examination at your child’s cosmetic consultation. Depending on their unique smile, Dr. Lee can determine whether or not Invisalign will be effective for your child.

What are the benefits, compared to traditional braces?

Dr. Lee offers Invisalign® because of its many benefits and conveniences over traditional, metal braces. First and foremost, Invisalign® offers shorter treatment times; on average, it takes about 12 months, whereas traditional braces typically require 18 months to three years of treatment. For teenagers who may be feel self-conscious or embarrassed about visible orthodontic work, Invisalign® provides a nearly invisible solution. Finally, many parents believe Invisalign® is a costlier treatment option; however, that is usually not true. While the final cost of treatment varies, the costs involved are usually not higher than that of traditional braces.

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If your teenager has teeth alignment issues, Invisalign® treatment from Dr. Lee can offer an effective and more aesthetic solution than traditional orthodontics. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation with our Grant Park dental team, call 404.328.7177.

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