Getting Used to Your New Invisalign® Aligners

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Getting Used to Your New Invisalign® Aligners

With over 900+ orthodontic patents, and six million successful patients, Invisalign®’s method of discreet smile alignment can help you achieve a straighter, more perfect smile. But, while Invisalign clear aligners can be easily placed and removed, patients need some time to adjust to the presence of aligners in their mouth. Just like other dental appliances or traditional orthodontics, the new look and feel of your smile with Invisalign aligners takes a while to get used to. To understand the adjustment period, and to help yourself prepare for a successful treatment, learn about the expectations for adjusting to Invisalign aligners below.

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Treatment Timeline

Invisalign® can be used to treat most smile alignment issues. The removable, clear aligners can correct overbites, crossbites, open bites, and underbites, as well as gapped, crowded, or crooked teeth. Depending on your unique smile needs, the treatment length and process may vary. However, most patients experience these common treatment steps:

  • At your first appointment, Dr. Lee takes impressions or 3D digital images of your entire mouth. These records will guide the treatment plan for your series of aligners.  
  • At the second appointment, you receive your first set of Invisalign® aligner trays. Typically, each tray is worn for two or three weeks before being switched out for the next aligner.
  • Treatment lasts anywhere from six months to 24 months, with 12 months being the average.
  • Once your straight smile has been achieved, we will fit you for a permanent or removable retainer which will protect the integrity of your newly straightened smile.

Adjusting to Your Aligners

Just like traditional orthodontics such as braces, Invisalign® aligners can feel strange for the first couple days or weeks. You may find your tongue running over the new aligners as your mouth is sensitive to the smallest changes. With the first set of aligners, you can expect sore or tender gums or teeth in certain areas of your smile. The snug fit of the aligners can put new pressure on teeth and gums. However, these side effects are temporary; sore gums or irritation from the aligners should diminish in a few days. If mild pain does persist, alleviate symptoms with ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or other over-the-counter medications as needed. You may worry that the aligners will make it more difficult to speak or annunciate, but most patients find that the thin trays do not interfere with the ability to speak normally during treatment.

Increase Comfort During Treatment

The good news? Most patients get used to their aligners within a week or two. However, with each new aligner tray, there is a chance that mild soreness could occur. Here are a few ways to improve your comfort during the length of your treatment:

  • Apply dental wax to protect gums: Available at most pharmacies, dental wax protects gum tissue from irritation by creating a thin barrier between particularly sore spots.
  • Do not eat or drink while wearing aligners: Remove aligners just before eating and immediately after (or after a quick brush following the meal). This will not only keep your aligners looking clean and new, but will prevent additional friction and irritation caused from chewing.
  • Clean daily: To prevent bacteria build-up, dull aligner trays, and discomfort, keep your aligners clean and sanitized. We suggest giving them a good scrub and soak once a day. Use tooth paste and mouthwash, or check with Dr. Lee on what approved, over-the-counter cleaning solutions to use.

For a Comfortably Straight Smile, Contact Smiles 4 Grant Park

Are you interested in a straighter smile achieved through comfortable, non-invasive orthodontics? Schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Abbey Lee to discover if Invisalign®, or Six Month Smiles®, is right for you. Call us today, at 404.328.7177.

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