Going Through These Life Changes? Make Sure You Have a General Dentist.

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Going Through These Life Changes? Make Sure You Have a General Dentist.

We all go through life changes from time to time. Sometimes, the life changes are good opportunities for us to make better choices about our healthcare, including partnering with a local, well-respected general dentist.

If you recognize any of the following life changes, contact Dr. Abbey Lee  at Smiles 4 Grant Park to schedule an appointment. Call (404) 328-7177 for caring, compassionate dental service individualized for your needs.

You just found out you are pregnant.

Congratulations! Before you pick out the paint for the nursery or begin to plan an exciting gender reveal party, make sure to see your general dentist. During pregnancy, a woman experiences hormone fluctuations that can lead to dental problems. Plus, constant nausea and vomiting may erode tooth enamel. Your dentist will be able to help you understand how best to take care of your oral needs during this special time.

You have started menopause.

Has your primary care physician indicated that you may be entering or have entered menopause? As with pregnancy, menopause is a time when hormonal changes can affect all areas of the body, including the teeth and gums. A menopause symptom as simple as dry mouth could lead to increased cavities.

You recently relocated to a new city.

Have you landed in Atlanta, GA to attend one of our colleges or universities? Maybe you have come to the south because of a career choice. Whatever your reason, you will want to arrange an examination with a general dentist sooner rather than later. If you choose Dr. Lee, we will be happy to contact your previous general dentist with your permission to obtain your dental records and history.

You stopped smoking.

This is a huge accomplishment and one that should make you proud. Even though you have ceased all tobacco use, you should still call a general dentist for a thorough examination and evaluation. Smoking affects teeth and gums, and a general dentist can ensure that you do not have any problem areas that need to be addressed before you risk more serious conditions.

You lost a lot of weight.

Have you been focused on eating well? Or did you go through an experience that caused you to stop eating as much? Whatever the reason for your weight loss, you probably should check in with a general dentist if you have not for more than six months. Sometimes, dieters and those who experience appetite loss do not realize that their teeth are suffering. Plenty of diet drinks and low-fat foods are acidic or, surprisingly, filled with carbs and sugars. Make sure your teeth look amazing when you smile at all your compliments!

You moved back to the States after being overseas long-term.

Did you live abroad for at least a year without the type of dental healthcare available in America? You may not have thought about your teeth and gums while you were studying, working, or volunteering, but now is the time to get back on track. Some parts of the world do not offer fluoride toothpastes or other dental options commonplace here. Make certain your smile is in tiptop form after not being evaluated for months or years.

General Dentistry in Atlanta, GA

Need to find a general dentist in Atlanta, GA? Call our office to get on the calendar. Our practice welcomes new patients and those who have been out of touch for a while.

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