More Patients are Choosing Adult Orthodontics

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May 11, 2018
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More Patients are Choosing Adult Orthodontics

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According to the American Association of Orthodontists, adults make up about 27 percent of all orthodontic patients today. That’s higher than it’s ever been in the past. The reason why so many adults are choosing to improve their smiles? It probably has something to do with all the convenient options available to adult patients with mild-to-moderate tooth misalignment. Many adults who previously thought they were too old to straighten their teeth are now enjoying the confidence-boosting effects of a beautiful smile, and in record time. Today’s adult orthodontics are faster than ever before!

Are you ready to finally correct your crooked smile? Dr. Abbey Lee provides several orthodontic options for her adult patients. Visit Smiles 4 Grant Park to learn more about Grant Park orthodontics. Call us at 404-328-7177 to make an appointment.

Patient Favorite: Invisalign®

Everyone has heard of Invisalign treatment; it’s the braces that don’t look like braces. This system allows you to straighten your teeth without the use of metal brackets and wires. The clear acrylic aligners allow you to keep your smile looking mostly the same, so you don’t have to alter your appearance drastically. Another great benefit of Invisalign is the fact that it is removable, so you don’t have to change what you eat. As long as you log enough hours of daily wear-time, you can also remove the aligners for important events where you want to look your best.

Invisalign treatment is usually faster than traditional braces, as well. Because new aligners are sent to you every two weeks, the treatment plan progresses faster. The average patient can usually complete his or her treatment in about 12-18 months, rather than the two years required for traditional braces.

Six Month Smiles®

A perhaps lesser-known orthodontic option for adults is Six Month Smiles. This system is exactly what it claims to be: a full smile transformation is only six-to-nine months of time. Dr. Lee uses tooth colored brackets and clear wires to create a less-noticeable form of braces, so your smile will be more discreetly altered than with metal braces. This treatment is great for patients who are looking for a fast way to correct their crowded or crooked smiles and don’t want to wait any longer than they have to!

Are Cosmetic Adult Orthodontics Right for You?

Options like Invisalign and Six Month Smiles are an ideal way to improve the way your smile looks and boost your confidence. However, they do have their limitations. Because they are focused on the cosmetic result, they are not intended to correct serious bite alignment issues. They cannot correct a serious overbite, under bite, or cross bite, for example. If your reason for seeking orthodontic treatment is to fix the way your teeth fit together when you bite and chew, you are still better off going with more traditional orthodontic options.

Contact Us for Grant Park Orthodontics

There are a lot of reasons why patients choose orthodontics to improve their smiles. Some want to look better for their professional life, some want to look best at their wedding, and some just do it for themselves. If you’ve ever dreamed you could go back in time and get braces when you were younger, you don’t need a time machine to do it. You can improve your smile today; convenient adult orthodontic options make it an easy choice.

If you’ve spent too long being ashamed of your crowded or crooked teeth, take the plunge and visit Smiles 4 Grant Park to learn about your options. Call us at 404-328-7177 to schedule Grant Park orthodontics consultation.

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