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February 16, 2018
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How to Find a Great Grant Park Dentist

Are you looking for a Grant Park dentist to care for your oral health needs? Maybe you’ve recently parted ways with a dentist you weren’t happy with, or maybe you’re new in town. Very few people stay with the same dentist their whole lives, so finding a new dentist is something you should be able to approach with confidence.

Ask for References and Research Your Local Dentists Online

A great place to start is with search engines. Google Maps can show you which dentists are near you or your workplace, and how many stars they have in their aggregate rating. Read patient reviews, but take them with a grain of salt. Some people will have no problem with any dentist, and some people will have problems with every dentist. Try to look at the whole, and consult with other sites, such as Yelp! or Healthgrades, to get a clear overall picture of other patients’ impressions.

When you’ve found a few dentists that look promising, visit their websites to see what you can learn about their services and philosophy toward clinical care. If you have special considerations, notice whether they list appropriate services for you, but make a phone call to double-check. Sometimes the website doesn’t list everything they offer.

Many people start their search for a new dentist by asking for recommendations from friends or colleagues. This can be a great way to find a new dentist, but be warned that different people have different needs and expectations. For every story of someone who had a successful referral from a friend, you may also find a story where the recommendation didn’t work out. You usually need to meet someone, face-to-face, to know whether you’ll be a good fit.

Pay a Visit – Meet the Staff

You may have an appointment with the dentist, but you’re going to spend more time interacting with the dental staff. Whether you are filling out paperwork, paying your bill, or having your teeth cleaned—the office and hygiene staff members’ demeanor and attitude will play a role in how comfortable you will be as a patient. Pay attention how friendly and welcoming the staff are, but also look for red flags that may indicate larger problems within a dental practice. Overworked, surly, or confused staff members may indicate organizational or management problems.

Questions to Ask a Potential Dentist

These questions will help you start a conversation with your potential dentist, and are guaranteed to get you some interesting answers. Don’t feel like you need to know what specific answers to look for. Instead, let the dentist explain things to you.

For example, if you ask your dentist about technology, hearing a list of technical tools will not help you understand their benefits. If the dentist tells you he has invested in laser dentistry tools, he or she should also explain how those tools make your dental experience more comfortable and efficient for patients.

  1. How do you encourage whole body health?
  2. What technology and recent innovations do you use?
  3. What are your specialty areas?
  4. Tell me about your education and training.
  5. How do you make children comfortable?
  6. How do you deal with anxious or difficult patients?
  7. How do you make dental care more affordable?
  8. What is your favorite part about being a dentist?

Trust Your Gut!

Many dentists are competent and experienced, but not all can connect with their patients and make them feel empowered and welcome. Your overall feeling and intuitive response to an interview is perhaps more important than the words you exchange with the dentist and staff. Stay relaxed during your appointment and pay attention to how you feel in the office. If your exchanges with various staff members are relaxed and natural, you may have found the right fit! It takes a lot more than bright smiles to make a patient feel welcome, heard, and respected.

Meet our Doctor

If you’re looking for quality general and cosmetic dentistry, add Grant Park dentist Dr. Abbey Lee to your list of potential dentists. Dr. Lee has over 17 years of experience as a private dentist and loves to meet new patients. She specializes in cosmetic dentistry, dental prosthetics, and orthodontia, and can help you with all your routine and restorative needs. She is constantly adding advanced techniques to her acumen with continuing education and enjoys helping her patients achieve the best oral health possible.

To make an appointment with our Grant Park dentist, contact Smiles 4 Grant Park at 404-328-7177.

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