Just a Few of the Many Benefits of Dental Implants

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November 24, 2017
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Just a Few of the Many Benefits of Dental Implants

Though your teeth can last a lifetime, trauma can strike at any moment and leave you with gaps in your smile. Deciding which tooth replacement solution is best for you can be overwhelming. If you type in “tooth replacement” into your search engine, some of the choices you may see pop up will include dental bridges, partial dentures, and dentures.

As you continue to scroll, you may also see dental implants or implant-supported restorations. These small cylinders are typically made of titanium and offer an excellent track record for integrating well with the natural tissues in the jaw. In fact, implants are intended to replace your former tooth roots and can support either a single dental crown, dental bridge, or full arch denture – it all depends on how many teeth you are missing.

If that gap in your smile caused by a missing tooth has been bothering you for years, or you’re tired of dealing with traditional restorative devices – you may enjoy the benefits that implants can provide. Dr. Abbey Lee is proud to provide dental implants at her Grant Park office for patients looking to replace missing teeth. Continue reading to learn more about some of the great benefits – or simply contact our Atlanta, GA practice today online or call us at 404.328.7177.

Enjoy Your New and Improved Smile for Many Years

Dental implants are built to last. Because of their biocompatibility, each implant bonds with the jawbone so as to provide unparalleled support and durability. While the initial procedure takes longer than traditional restorations (about four to six months), once the implants have fused, you can enjoy lasting results. With traditional bridges or dentures, replacements are typically required every five to 10 years to ensure your oral device stays in top form.

No One Will Notice You Have Dental Implants

A dental implant’s ability to replace the entire tooth is perhaps one of the greatest benefits. No other restoration available can replace both the roots and crown of a tooth other than an implant-supported restoration. Having a tooth replacement device intact that is intended for both durability and aesthetics provides the maximum benefits. Unless you share the news – no one will even know you are wearing an implant-supported restoration.

When dining out with friends, you never have to worry about your restoration slipping out of place or causing you discomfort. In fact, you can enjoy all your favorite foods with peace of mind.

How About Better Oral Health?

Seamless aesthetics are a huge plus, but how about improved oral health? Because dental implants are intended to function as natural tooth roots, the nerves within your jawbone will remain stimulated. This constant stimulation is what counteracts the bone loss that is associated with missing teeth and traditional restorations. By keeping your jawbone healthy, you can maintain optimum bone density, adequate support, and complete facial structure.

Restore Your Smile Today

To learn more about dental implants and how they can benefit your smile, we invite you to meet with Dr. Abbey Lee at our Grant Park office. Please contact us today online or give us call at 404.328.7177.

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