Six Ways to Improve Your Smile

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October 13, 2017
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Six Ways to Improve Your Smile

Did you know modifying your smile for the good could enhance your overall appearance and lead to other remarkable benefits, such as boosted self-confidence and professional advancement? You would be amazed at what a simple cosmetic dentistry treatment could do for your physical and emotional wellbeing. If you avoid smiling for selfies or cover your not-so-pearly-whites when laughing, Dr. Abbey Lee at Smiles 4 Grant Park can customize your smile to your liking. Below are six different ways to improve your smile.

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Teeth Whitening

Over time, the foods we eat can have a negative affect on the appearance of our teeth, even if oral hygiene is diligently followed. If your teeth are yellow, grayish, or have simply lost their sparkle, teeth whitening can brighten teeth by up to six to eight shades. Dr. Lee offers both in-office whitening and take-home whitening trays. The type recommended will depend on the severity of your dental staining, your budget, and how fast you want results.

Dental Bonding

When dental staining is unable to be treated with teeth whitening, dental bonding provides an affordable solution to covering your teeth in just one office visit. This cosmetic dentistry treatment uses tooth-colored composite resin, the same material used for dental fillings, to cover teeth that are severely stained. It can also conceal other imperfections, such as cracks, gaps, minor misalignment, and unevenly shaped teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

If budget isn’t a concern and you want longer-lasting results, porcelain veneers provide a better alternative to dental bonding. These customized shells are designed to cover cosmetically damaged or severely stained teeth to reveal a Hollywood-like smile. Because this treatment involves a small amount of enamel removal to ensure a seamless fit, porcelain veneers are considered a permanent treatment. Patients enjoy this treatment for its longevity and ability to handle multiple issues at once.

Snap-On Smiles

If you are looking for a way to cover your teeth that doesn’t involve altering your teeth in anyway, Dr. Lee may recommend Snap-on Smiles®. This oral device is made much like an aligner tray and designed to fit comfortably over your top and bottom teeth. Rather than being made from clear plastic, the device will be made from composite resin tinted to blend, yet enhance the natural aesthetics of your smile. Unlike aligner trays, this revolutionary device can be worn when eating or drinking and cover teeth that are missing, crooked, stained, gapped, or damaged.


Crooked teeth can negatively affect both teenagers and adults alike. While it is not uncommon to see adolescents wearing metal braces, we understand that traditional orthodontic treatments are not generally acceptable among adults. In such cases, Dr. Lee provides two different discreet orthodontic options for patients desiring a straighter smile.

Six Month Smiles® uses tooth-colored brackets and wires to quickly and effectively straighten teeth in just a matter of a few months. If you are looking for an even more inconspicuous option, we provide clear Invisalign® aligner trays that deliver results in about 12 to 15 months. Since trays can be easily removed for meals or important speaking engagements, many business professionals find this treatment beneficial.

Facial Esthetics

Dr. Lee is certified in administering BOTOX® Cosmetic and Restylane® injections. Combining facial esthetics with your cosmetic dentistry treatment can take years of your appearance and deliver even more dramatic results. Along with whitening your smile or correcting misaligned teeth, you can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, smooth facial contours, or augment thin lips all under the same roof.

Want to Improve Your Smile?

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