Is Periodontal Disease Sabotaging Your Oral Health?

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August 28, 2017
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Is Periodontal Disease Sabotaging Your Oral Health?

Oral health is an important factor in overall health. To be a healthy person, you need strong, clean teeth. Periodontal (gum) disease is commonly referred to as the silent disease because it’s often asymptomatic. In other words, you may not realize that gum disease might be sabotaging your oral health. Atlanta, GA dentist Dr. Abbey Lee examines the condition of your gums during biannual dental checkups. At this appointment, she will also assess the health of your teeth and jawbone.


Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. This oral condition affects 50 percent of Americans. Often patients don’t realize that they’re experiencing gum disease symptoms. The most common sign of periodontal disease is bleeding gums.

Think you might have periodontal disease? Call 404-328-7177 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lee in Atlanta, GA. After thoroughly examining your gums, she will begin appropriate treatment.

Periodontal Disease Symptoms and Forms

If Dr. Lee determines that you suffer from periodontal disease, she will explain the two stages of this condition. The early stage is gingivitis, which is less severe and easier to manage. Dr. Lee will recommend improving your oral hygiene routine, as well as instruct you to schedule a dental checkup every six months. If you’ve experienced bleeding gums, chronic bad breath, toothaches or noticed that your gums have become red, swollen, and tender, you may have gingivitis.

When gingivitis is left untreated, it progresses into periodontitis. This stage is severe and often results in tooth loss when not handled properly. Many patients are shocked to find out that periodontal disease isn’t treatment. Instead, Dr. Lee manages the symptoms and recommends better oral care to stop the progression of the disease.

Along with gingivitis symptoms, periodontitis symptoms include:

  • Tooth loss
  • Gum recession
  • Loose teeth

Causes and Risk Factors

Most commonly, gum disease is caused by poor oral hygiene, although genetics, hormones, and medical conditions play a significant role as well. Smokers, diabetics, and pregnant women are at a higher risk of developing periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease has been linked to various medical conditions, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Additionally, presence of this oral condition creates higher risks of stroke, low birth weight, and premature birth.

Dr. Lee’s Solution

Although periodontal disease isn’t curable, Dr. Lee manages the symptoms through root planing and scaling. First, she will administer a local anesthetic to numb your gums. Next she will begin scaling. During this procedure, Dr. Lee removes all bacteria and plaque from above and below the gums. At this time, she will clean out any periodontal packets that are filled with harmful bacteria.

To conclude this treatment, she will smooth tooth roots through root planing. This step is crucial for proper gum reattachment to teeth.

After receiving this procedure, Dr. Lee will advise patients to attend regular dental checkups and cleanings so that she can monitor oral health.

How to Prevent Periodontal Disease

The best way to prevent the development of gum disease is to practice good oral hygiene. This includes brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing after each meal. Flossing is commonly overlooked, yet it is imperative for removing built up plaque and trapped food particles from between teeth.

Dr. Lee recommends rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash every day. This will help kill harmful bacteria and deter gum disease from developing.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about periodontal disease and treatment methods. Call 404-328-7177 today to schedule your appointment in Atlanta, GA with Dr. Lee.

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